who is SoHo?

SoHo Software is a salesforce.com Consulting partner made up of a team of seasoned business professionals who have spent the past 25 years helping companies solve business problems with the technology(s) of the time. In our judgment, the most profound and impactful technology development in the past 3 decades is upon us: Cloud Computing. And the company whose name is synonymous with Cloud Computing is salesforce.com.


why SoHo?

We’re not a shop of technical geeks. Rather, we’re pragmatists that strive to prove a technology will actually deliver what it promises to our customers. Through careful and thoughtful listening, planning and teaming, we marry our knowledge of Salesforce with your knowledge of your business to maximize the return on your Salesforce investment.


what do we do?

Simply stated, we help companies get the most out of salesforce.com. Whether you’re deploying Salesforce for the first time, optimizing an existing deployment, integrating to other systems or need custom development we have the expertise and project experience to enable you to execute your vision of how Salesforce will improve your business.