SoHo Soft LLC was founded in 2005 and began our Salesforce practice in October of 2011. Since then we’ve delivered over 500 successful implementations and now focus almost exclusively on smaller firms in the financial services market.  We’ve worked with all financial services disciplines and have learned how to configure Salesforce to serve and support the complexities, nuances and business processes that are common in the financial services segment.

Our approach is to gain insightful understanding of our clients’ business, analyze the areas where the highest value can be delivered and ensure maximum overall value is derived from their Salesforce investment.



Bob Shiverdecker

Bob Shiverdecker has a long history of entrepreneurship, beginning in 1977 with the venture capital arm of Exxon Exxon Corp, Exxon Enterprises, and extending to his 10-year ownership of Novell Authorized Training & Testing Centers at multiple sites around Florida. He has started successful companies delivering hardware and software solutions to businesses large and small in a variety of industries. Bob’s firsthand experiences with starting and running a business gives SoHo an appreciation for the challenges our customers face when adopting a business platform like Salesforce.


Bryan Snyder

Bryan Snyder’s efforts have helped drive the adoption of software and infrastructure technologies for companies in all industries for over three decades. Bryan offers a wide range of experiences from hundreds of customer interactions -- experience which provides SoHo clients an added dimension of value from lessons learned and best practices to employ as a result. As a certified Salesforce Consultant, Bryan has helped small- to mid-size companies successfully deploy Salesforce for the past twelve years.